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Selene, moon goddess of the Greeks

Selene is the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. She is depicted as a beautiful woman riding across the sky on a chariot or lunar chariot, moving the moon across the night.

The name Selene

The name "Selene" has Greek roots. Her name is associated with the Greek root "selas" or "selene", meaning "light" or "shining". Therefore, the name Selene can be roughly translated as "The Shining One" or "The Radiant One", indicating her connection to moonlight and her status as a moon goddess.

It is a beautiful and poetic name that is often associated with elegance and mysticism.

Selene, daughter of the ancient titans Theia

Selene is a daughter of the ancient Titans Theia, also called Euryphessa, the "Far-Shining One", and Hyperion. The giant Titans were the first race of gods in the golden age. Her daughter Selene was the gentle, nocturnal, luminous moon goddess even before the Olympian gods became more important.

Selene, shares her divine origins with two siblings: Eos, the goddess of the dawn, and Helios, the sun god. Together they form a trio that orchestrates the movement of the heavenly stars from day to night.

She, as the goddess of the moon, was often viewed as the personification of moonlight and nighttime beauty. Her descent from Hyperion and Theia emphasized her connection to the celestial forces of light and beauty.

Story of Selene and Endymion

Endymion was a young and exceedingly beautiful shepherd who lived on Mount Latmos. One night, as Selene was crossing the sky, she saw Endymion lying asleep under a tree. Mesmerized by his beauty, she couldn't look away.

Moved by her feelings, Selene decided to ask Zeus, the king of the gods, for help. She begged him to keep Endymion asleep forever so she could visit him every night. Zeus, impressed by her devotion, granted her wish and put Endymion into an eternal sleep that would never end.

Every night Selene descended from heaven to visit Endymion. She leaned over him and kissed him gently as he slept deeply.

“I am the Moon, the luminous, changeable, archetypal femininity. I connect the cycles of the moon and women, I am eternal and changeable, gentle and imperishable, I am moonlight and water and light up the night.

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